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Qualities to look for in a violin teacher


There are several things you ought to consider when looking for a violin teacher to take classes from. Every person has a different learning process and different retention ability; you would want a teacher who would be sensitive to these needs. You require different violin lessons for different stages of your life and learning process. After this, the most important thing required from a violin teacher is his or her musical knowledge, awareness of violin and its mechanics, skills as a player, and how easy it is for him or her to communicate. It is quite understandable that no one person can excel in all these attributes together, but if more than one of these attributes are the teacher’s weakness then it can cause hindrance in your progress.

Different violin teachers are required for different students.

For a student who is just beginning his journey into the world of violins, it is important that the teacher be well aware with the mechanics of violin. Also, if the class begins with an improper setup, that can lead on to become the child’s handicap that most find difficult to overcome. For children as well as beginners, the best teacher is be the one who knows the hand positions that can lead to accurate and fluid playing not just when playing in the classes, but also in the future. The teacher should also be the one who knows what the best body position is that will give you freedom as well as minimize your tension.

Learning is at its best when children are interested. If a child is easily bored or is disinterested, the teacher should be able to bring back the attention by using creativity and clarity while communicating. It is also important for you to look for a teacher who maintains a positive learning attitude and would use only that to teach students.

As you move forward from the beginner’s level to the next level, you may need a new kind of teacher. You need to broaden your horizon and your technique; you also need more repertoire. The teacher should have complete ease with the positions and movements; he or she should also have acquaintance with showpieces, concertos, orchestral excerpts and more. The teacher should possess the quality of progressing from one challenge to another, being able to solve problems all alone as well as together in combination. Communication skills are good to have, but at this stage, it becomes less important. It is also preferable if the teacher is a great player too since at this stage, you start looking for a model to base your sound that is at a maturing stage.

At some stage, every violinist needs a great performer as a teacher. Hearing and watching such a performance is inspiring and can help you get motivated; when words fail, music speaks. It is a big plus point to watch and learn instead of only listening to instructions.

If you are out of school, or if you are starting the lessons again, you need to look for a violin teacher who is known to be an excellent violin player and is also very good at communication. You should look for a teacher who can show amazing demonstrations along with clear instructions that can help you catch up.

The teachers that you choose aid you in teaching violin to yourself. All your habits, that are actually your mistakes repeated over and over again until it became a habit, are recognized by these teachers who help you change them. After that comes the rest.

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