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Why is it Important to Send Your Child to Preschool?

One may feel that your child is still too young and they are not ready for school yet and you can just send them to childcare while you are out at work. However, that is not the case and it is very important that you send them to preschool at the right age as it is very important for the development of your child. Most people treat the two terms interchangeably but that is not the case. The difference between a child care center and a preschool is that a childcare center is a place that accepts toddlers as well as babies and is a full day center that runs throughout the year. On the other hand, a preschool is for 3 to 4-year-olds and it targets early education and is very important for the development of your child.

How Can Preschools Help Your Childs Future Education

One study shows that the evidence that a child gains a lot from going to a preschool increases every day. Preschool is the first place in which your child is exposed to letters, numbers, and even colors and shapes. The teacher also takes time to have various conversations and group discussions with the children. This helps them to become more aware of their surroundings and ask questions. Children can ask questions like Where does the water go after the rains? or What do birds do to have fun? a good quality preschool can help your child find the answers to these questions. However, there are some questions that a child can think of that would leave even the most intelligent of adults dumbfounded, it is this interest of the child that we have to keep alive as it is what will drive them towards the paths of further research. This is the basic foundation that your child will need to be able to learn and excel in their education later in life.

How Do Preschools Help Your Childs Socializing Skills

A Playschool is a place where your child is first exposed to other children and also adults. It is where your child will learn how to interact with other children and also learn the fundamentals of socializing. Preschools help to teach the child important values like sharing and playing in groups. They can also help to teach the child leadership qualities and also the importance of discipline and cleanliness. This will result in the overall development of your child as teaching your child different values can be a difficult task if you try to do it at home as there arent many people around with whom the child can practice these skills.

Most experts will say that it is important for the child to have some sort of group experience before they are enrolled in a kindergarten as this will help them learn how to be students. Preschool gives your child an experience of a formal classroom without putting too much pressure on the child to learn. The child learns that they will have to raise their hand to get the teachers attention and they also learn to wait for their turn. Most kindergarten teachers can verify that the children that go to preschools are those that come into kindergarten with the will to learn and also have better behavior management skills.

Another important benefit of starting your childs educational journey with a preschool is that they will learn to be separated from the parents for a little while at a time. It helps the child to learn to trust another adult who is not their parent or family member and a teacher is established as someone who can help them solve various problems that they may have.

It is the job of the parent to choose the right preschool in Singapore for their child.